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Cartizz - Everything you need for a great webshop

Do you want to create an online store that perfectly represents your brand? Cartizz just that enables with many advanced solutions, including:

Do you want to create an online store that perfectly represents your brand? Cartizz just that allows. In just a few clicks, change the look of your store and adapt it accordingly to your measure. In addition, Cartizz brings many advanced solutions, including:

  • Smart check-out - quick and easy completion of the purchase
  • Automatic user recognition
  • The possibility of creating additional pages
  • Integrations with Google and Facebook solutions

See how to get started today!

1. Modern Webshop

Through a short consultation with you, our team will launch the Internet store according to your wishes and in accordance with yours products and brand.

Your webshop will be ready with all the elements for successful online sales:

  • Webshop optimized for all devices

  • Adjusted for all internet browsers

  • Smart check out za brzu I laku kupovinu

  • The possibility of creating a blog and additional pages

  • Connected to Google and Facebook solutions

  • A system of promotional messages that you manage yourself


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2. Shopping Application

Your branded applications on Google Play and the App Store also come with the webshop as a package.

In addition to speeding up ordering and purchasing, they also increase the reputation of your business and the trust of customers.

Apps provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Availability on Google and Apple stores completely free for your users.

  • Personalization through branding with yours logo and perfect synchronization with your webshop.

  • Sending promotions and notifications directly to users

  • Customers have a quick overview of the offer, simply ordering and secure payment


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3. SMART Check out

We have created a great system that allows your customers to start and finish shopping through the webshop with pleasure or application.

This SMART Check out is ready to welcome and most demanding customers:

  • Once a registered customer is in the Cartizz database

  • The system recognizes the address for delivery of the order

  • Availability of different payment methods

  • Possible integration of card payment at the choice of the bank

  • Mail notifications and order confirmations reach the customer in an instant

  • Monitoring customer habits and tracking sales statistics

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4. Unique Cartizz shop
manager application

Did you ever imagine that you would be able to independently maintain your internet sales without any help others, thanks to this unique application that gives you complete control over your business?

Manage all aspects online with ease through CSM sales:

  • Your products always updated, with pictures, descriptions and prices

  • Your products always updated, with pictures, descriptions and prices

  • List of customers on your phone with contact details

  • System for sending promotional discounts and coupons

  • Simple warehouse control in accordance with the needs of the shop

Cartizz shop menager
Our Personal Assistants are at your disposal 24/7!

We know how much effort it takes to set up the best solution for e-commerce. That's why we provide you support in building your e-commerce solution custom made in less than 24 hours, together and hassle-free.