Discovering our clients

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Discovering our clients

In the endless world of e-commerce, Cartizz has emerged as a versatile and reliable solution for various types of businesses. One of the advantages of Cartizz is its ability to cater to a wide range of industries. We will analyze three unique clients of Cartizz: Teroar, the first wine shop in Šabac, Divashop, an online store offering premium cosmetics, and Krancla, a delightful shop for the tastiest cakes. We will explore how Cartizz's adaptability has played a crucial role in the success of these businesses.

Teroar: Celebrating the Elixir of Life

Teroar, a wine shop, has found its digital home in Cartizz. With an extensive selection of exceptional wines from around the world, Teroar caters to connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts. Cartizz's flexibility allows Teroar to present its diverse range with detailed product descriptions, serving suggestions, and special notes for each bottle of wine. Unique additional pages on the website enable Teroar to inform its customers about workshops and educational events, which can be further explored on the workshops and educational events page as well as Teroar's own history . As a store with over 400 different wine labels from around the world and numerous customers, order processing requires a team effort. The Cartizz Shop Manager application allows multiple managers to handle a single store, simplifying the management of online sales.

Divashop: Premium Cosmetics Just a Click Away

Divashop, an exclusive online store for exceptional cosmetics, is another example of Cartizz's versatility. Offering a carefully curated range of luxury skincare products, Divashop understands the importance of creating visually appealing shopping environments. In addition to physical products, Divashop also offers cosmetic procedures. With an easy promotion system, Divashop easily informs its customers about discounts on individual or group products. In collaboration with Cartizz's expert team, Divashop has prominently displayed QR codes in their salon in Belgrade, allowing customers to easily download mobile shopping applications, significantly enhancing efficiency and ease of ordering.

Krancla: Indulging in Divine Delights

Krancla, an online shop specializing in delicious cakes, relies on the Cartizz system to fulfill the sweet desires of its customers. With a diverse range of enticing cake flavors, the online store Krancla is a treat for all the senses. In addition to Cartizz's basic services, professional product photography tailored for the online store was provided for Krancla. For this client, the Cartizz team has set up all the products and crafted product descriptions that best illustrate the richness of flavors and the quality of the cakes.

If your business is in need of professional photography, inspirational product descriptions, and engaging content that effectively represents your brand, contact us to learn more about the additional services we offer at Cartizz.

Whether it's a wine shop, an online cosmetic store, a cake shop, or any other business, Cartizz enables entrepreneurs to embrace diversity and present their products in the best light. With Cartizz as a reliable partner, businesses can thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce, attracting customers, building their loyalty, and ultimately achieving success.

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