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Advices For Successful Online Sales

The digital world is constantly developing since its inception. Also, the devices we use to access the internet are becoming more advanced and practical every day. Online shops must keep up with all these changes in order to stay relevant.

1.Creating a good first impression with customers

Customers form their first impression of your online shop very quickly. In fact, it takes people only about 50 milliseconds to decide whether they like your webshop or not. This moment is crucial because you can only make a first impression once. Online shops need to be as creative as possible to win over customers. The Cartizz team consists of top designers who constantly work on modern themes, allowing your webshop and mobile applications to always be in trend.

2. Be friendly to your customers

The online shopping experience is different from actually going to a store. Your customers cannot touch, feel, or try on your products before buying something. Although there is no solution to this problem, you can compensate for it in several different ways. The fact that it is easier to shop online than to go to a store should be your starting point. However, that is not enough. You have to show that you value your customers. For example, you can offer a fair price on all your products or free shipping. Also, the entire purchase process should be simple and easy. The Cartizz system uses a smart checkout solution. This allows your customers to enter their delivery address once, and the system will remember all the information for the next purchase, automatically printing the necessary data for the customer. Also, if your customers forget to complete the purchase for any reason, the system sends an email notification and a link that takes them back to the already filled cart on your website. That is another way for the purchase to be completed.

3. Website adapted to mobile phones

In today's world, you have to build a website that is optimized for mobile phones. Over 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is important that your webshop is easy to use on a smartphone or tablet. The Cartizz system also offers a mobile-optimized checkout solution, making it easy for customers to complete their purchase on a mobile device.

4. Synchronize your online business with social media

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram can allow you to increase brand awareness and customer base. You've probably heard that people can sell their products through social networks, but that requires support from an e-commerce solution. Cartizz users can easily connect their webshop to Instagram and Facebook shops. Also, it is easy to implement a Facebook chat plugin that allows customers to contact you directly through your webshop. All your products are available for sharing through your website, on leading social networks, with just one click, which allows for quick and easy product advertising. If you are a Cartizz user and need advanced marketing advertising on social media, contact us to offer you the best solution for your online business!

5. Use professional photography

People are visual beings. In fact, visual elements are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Take advantage of this by filling your homepage with unique photographs. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest tips for an online business, especially with the Cartizz solution that allows you to add photographs for each of your products.

The tips and tricks for online business that we covered in this blog can improve both the user experience and the conversion rate. At Cartizz, we continue to find the best ways to run a complete e-commerce solution, so follow us and learn with us how to improve your online business.

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