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Using the Cartizz site

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Use of online store and app

All Terms of Use listed on this page apply to the use of the Cartizz system in its entirety and refer to all parts of the customer's promo website, the application's online store, as well as a complete administrative panel with sales analytics, order control and marketing assistant within the systems that are available to you after the contract is signed if you choose to use it, which is promoted through the Cartizz.com site.

Cartizz system rental terms

Cartizz system rental is possible through the official email address ([email protected]) or by calling +381 62 37 43 21. In the conversation with the responsible person you will receive all the detailed information about the implementation of the Cartizz system and its conditions of use. During the interview with the responsible person you will be obliged to leave certain personal data and information about your company in order to be able to provide you with the services of our service. Payment for the services of the service is possible by paying into the account of Art & Code Studio, which is the owner and creator of the system and through the giro account of the company 265-2010310007830-42 with Raiffaisen Bank. The services offered by the Cartizz system will be provided during the period stated in the offer when signing the contract before the initial installation of the system. Detailed information about the initial installation period can be found on the Site pages that contain information about these services. In case you cancel the Cartizz system, please contact the responsible person via the official email address ([email protected]) or by calling +381 62 37 43 21.


To the fullest extent permitted by law., Cartizz will in no event be liable for any damages resulting from the use, disposal, inability, or results of use of this site, whether based on warranty, contract or other legal remedy or whether the client was informed of the possibility of such damage. Cartizz is also not responsible for any disputes that Cartizz system users have with their customers or customers when it comes to disagreements regarding the products offered by Cartizz system users and is under no obligation to respond or interfere in any way with such disputes.

Disclaimer of Third Party Sites

The Cartizz site contains links to other third-party websites operated by third parties whose content is unknown to Cartizz. The purpose of the third-party links provided on the Cartizz site is to make it easier for you to navigate the Internet. Cartizz is not responsible for the information and statements contained on third-party sites linked to by links on our Site. Cartizz disclaims any responsibility for the content contained on these sites and assumes no liability for any breach of the law or infringement of the rights of third parties on those sites. The sole responsibility is the sole responsibility of third parties who own these sites. In the case of an order or any other legal transaction relating to a transaction, the contract is concluded solely between the user and the owner of the corresponding website, or between the party offering the goods or the person representing him and in no case between Cartizz and the user. Please note the general terms and conditions of the provider on the site to which the link leads.

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