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Start Your Online Business :)

All you have to do to get your own branded webshop and customized mobile apps is enter your email address and click the button!

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Once you’ve entered your email address and clicked on the START NOW button, you will receive a questionnaire via email.
Filling it out is your first step toward your professional web store available in less than 24h.

All the components you need to run a successful online store - in a single package deal, with a budget-friendly price of €365 once-off + 35€ monthly maintenance - you get your own, unique, branded webshop - along with customized iOS and Android mobile apps for free!


Thank you for your trust!

A questionnaire has been sent to your email. He is the first step to your online business! Fill it out as soon as possible to start your ONLINE business in 24 hours.

In the meantime, visit some of the useful links: After filling in and sending the data in the questionnaire, a payment slip and a contract for the initial installation of the system of € 365 and the first monthly installment of € 35 will arrive in your email. The contract has an unconditional period of use, so you can cancel the system at any time. All prices will be displayed in dinars at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of signing the contract.